Advertising Guidelines

Dear Readers:

Occasionally we get thrown a few bones here and there to help auto-related companies bring their products to the consciousness of consumers. That’s why this website is free for you to read, along with tens of thousands of other media websites out there on the interwebs.

Sadly, sometimes, advertising gets deceptive in the name of the dollar.

But fear not, loyal readers, we would never deceive you.

When a company approaches us to advertise on, no matter what they’re offering, we make sure we like them and can in good conscience, endorse their products.

You see, if we say “check out this new car thingy, it’s great!” and you go buy it and it sucks, that’s on us. We can’t have that.

So when a company gives us something, whether it’s money or a free product or flies us somewhere to drive a car, we’ll tell you about it. Full disclosure, every time.

But we will never let that influence our opinions and reporting. We’ll always be honest and open with you. Otherwise, who would we be?

If for any reason you question that, call us out on it. Seriously.

Likewise, if you ever see an ad on here that you don’t like or think is deceptive, let us know. Some of our graphic ads run automatically and we don’t see what’s about to show before it’s displayed.


You can’t buy us out. Sorry.

If you’re interested in advertising, we’re happy to work with you if you’re a good company that provides good products. If we don’t think you’ll be a good resource for our readers, you may need to look elsewhere.

If you’re awesome though, fill out this form and we’ll chat. Hopefully we can work together to get your product or service seen by our amazing community of gearheads.

Please note: We do not accept “guest posts” by SEO companies looking to regurgitate crappy and outsourced articles to get a keyword-stuffed link. That’s really lame.

We do regularly run sponsored articles if your product/service is a good resource, but we write the content, with a few exceptions if your writers are awesome. And I don’t mean “really good at SEO” awesome, I mean like, “I’d want to hang out with them at the pub” awesome.

If you’re interested in connecting with our audience, head over to our Advertise on Automoblog page.

I repeat: Understand that we do not accept the quick-SEO-keyword-stuffed-link crap. If we like the company approaching us, we spend hours, often days, working out a great plan to reach our readers in the most effective and honest way possible.

Other car blogs:

We love you guys. We don’t see you as competition, and we should all just get along. If you’re interesting in running a guest post on, we’d be happy to chat and perhaps swap content to share some readership.

Head over to our contact page and drop us a line – I’m sure we can work together on something.

Please note: when submitting guest content, please ensure that it’s not just to get a link back. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity, and if you write something for us, make sure it’s written for our audience but with a related twist to focus on your style as well.