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2021 Toyota Avalon AWD Review: Good or Not so Good? Behind The Wheel of Toyota’s New Large Sedan

The 2021 Toyota Avalon is nearly alone as there are not many large sedans on the market today. However, the Avalon lineup is nicely balanced. Buyers can choose between sportier trim levels, like the Touring, or opt for efficient models like the Avalon Hybrid. All-wheel drive is also available for 2021, a first for the Avalon. 

We jumped behind the wheel of a 2021 Toyota Avalon Limited with all-wheel drive. The video here provides a complete overview and includes footage of our test drive in real-time. Some of the footage we filmed with our Garmin Tandem dash cam.  

Total MSRP for the Avalon Limited in this video was $44,699. If you are shopping for a new Avalon, we recommend obtaining the invoice price (sometimes referred to as dealer cost). With this helpful search tool*, you can see how many 2021 Avalons are in your area and which dealers are giving you the best deal.    

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